Paolo Cirio´s Street Ghost at Haifa Museum of Art

Anonym-X: The End of the Privacy Era - Curated by Svetlana Reingold

Haifa Museum of Art
Shabtai Levi St 26
Haifa, 3304331, Israel

Opening 18 FEBRUAR 20:00

The new cluster of exhibitions presents eleven new exhibitions, five of them solo exhibitions and six group exhibitions. The exhibitions presents works by seventy Israeli and international artists. The current cluster of exhibitions deals with the vanishing boundary between the public and private spheres, exhibitionism, narcissism and voyeurism, which are some of the hottest topics of the twenty-first century. The exhibitions seeks to explore social perceptions regarding the concept of privacy and the new models produced by the information and communication revolution, from the beginning of the twentieth century to present days. Many of the exhibition's works are engaged with motifs such as the gaze and surveillance, raising challenging ethical questions about the source of the artwork, power and control.