Paolo Cirio

b. 1979, Turin, Italy

Paolo Cirio engages with legal, economic and semiotic systems of the information society. His works investigates social fields impacted by the Internet, such as privacy, copyright, democracy and economy. He shows his research and intervention-based works through prints, installations, videos, and public art. His techniques of exposure, appropriation, and recontextualization of sensitive information and social processes provoke a new way of seeing and understanding modern complex social systems and dynamics.

Cirio’s work embodies the conflicts, contradictions and potentials inherent to the social complexity of information society through a critical, provocative and proactive approach.

Cirio uses popular language, irony, interventions and seductive visuals to engage a wide public in critical issues and sophisticated works of art. His works often make contradictions apparent, expose mechanisms, and dispute their processes in order to debunk functions and perceptions of normative systems. Cirio’s works of art ultimately propose creative alternatives beyond the socioeconomic critiques they offer.

Paolo Cirio has exhibited at major international institutions including the  C/O Berlin; Museum für Fotografie, Berlin; Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art of Luxembourg; Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Somerset House, London; ICP Museum, NYC; China Academy of Art, Hangzhou; MoCA Sydney; ZKM, Karlsruhe; CCCB, Barcelona; CCC Strozzina, Florence; MoCA Denver; MAK, Vienna; National Fine Arts Museum, Taichung; National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens; PAN, Naples; MoCA Tapei; Sydney Biennial; and NTT ICC, Tokyo.


Selected Exhibitions

  • Month of Photography, exhibition at Museum National d'Histoire et d'Art de Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 2017
  • Watching You, Watching Me, Museum für Fotografie in Berlin - Germany, 2017
  • Watched! Surveillance, Art & Photography, C/O Berlin - Germany, 2017
  • Street Ghosts, International Kunstverein Luxembourg - Luxembourg, 2016
  • Public, Private, Secret, exhibition at Museum International Center of Photography, NYC - US, 2016
  • Caméra(Auto)Contrôle, Centre de la Photographie, Geneva - Switzerland, 2016
  • Big Bang Data, Art Science Museum, Singapore - Singapore, 2016
  • Big Bang Data, Sumerset House, London - UK, 2016
  • Overexposed, NOME, 2015, Berlin - Germany, 2015
  • Panopticon, exhibition at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City - US, 2015
  • Poetics and Politics of Data, exhibition at House of Electronic Arts, Basel - Switzerland, 2015

Artist's artworks